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Name:Mr. ardy [Employee]
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Y!: ardio79 Y!: ardio79
Windows Live: ardio79@hotmail>com ardio79@hotmail>com
Skype: ardio79
Google Talk:  ardio79  ardio79
Mobile Number:62-81289464829
Phone Number:62-21-66604649
Fax Number:62-21-66604648
Address:Taman Perkantoran & Pergudangan Muara Baru JAPRO Blok C5-C*
Jakarta Utara 14440, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Oct. 02, 2010
Last Updated:Oct. 02, 2010
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Agriculture category

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TRADING, processing, import, export, coldstorage rent please feell free to contact us

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